Promo - Kyone trimmer TR 220

!Promo – Kyone trimmer TR 220

59,90 (72,48 incl. btw)

!Promo Kyone 710RG & 710RGT Set aanbieding

!Promo Kyone 710RG & 710RGT Set aanbieding

279,80 (338,56 incl. btw)

Aesculap Durati met accu XT434-SR

Aesculap Durati met 2e accu XT434-SR

199,50 (241,40 incl. btw)

c7070b - Aesculap Durati met accu XT434-WP Limited Editie

Aesculap Durati met 2e accu XT434-WP Limited Editie

203,47 (246,20 incl. btw)

c0217 - Kyone E45T effileerschaar, rechtshandig 6inch (15cm)

Kyone E45T effileerschaar, rechtshandig 6inch (15cm)

149,90 (181,38 incl. btw)

c7120 - Kyone TR-420 trimmer

Kyone TR-420 trimmer

79,90 (96,68 incl. btw)

Les Pooch Bright Shampoo 3,8L

Artnr. c1315

92,56 (112,00 incl. btw)

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Le Poochs Pooch Bright Shampoo

Les pooch shampoos are considered by top breeders and styling professionals to be the finest in the world. From show shampoos and crème rinses to the hypo-allergenic and medicated line, Les Poochs use only the finest ingredients delivering the very best finish to both coat and skin.

Only Pooch Bright contains the breakthrough formula based on our famous Opti-Bright technology. Enriched with Swiss Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Pro-Vitamin B5, this scientific blend of natural brighteners penetrates the hair shaft, counteracting the yellowing from the sun and the elements, resulting in a spectacular “show white shine” to the coat. This PH-balanced, gentle formula will nourish and moisturise your pet’s skin with fine natural botanical extracts.

  • Opti-Bright Technology 
  • Show-white sheen 
  • Dilutes 20:1
  • Unscented.