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c0250c - Kyone 710 Rose Gold rechte schaar 7" extra lang

Kyone 710 Rose Gold rechte schaar 7″ extra lang

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c0253 - Kyone 800 Knipschaar Fullgrip

Kyone 800 Knipschaar Fullgrip

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La Pooch Vitamin Enriched Shampoo Female 3,8L

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La Pooch Vitamin Enriched Shampoo

Les pooch shampoos are considered by top breeders and styling professionals to be the finest in the world. From show shampoos and crème rinses to the hypo-allergenic and medicated line, Les Poochs use only the finest ingredients delivering the very best finish to both coat and skin.

La Pooch Vitamin Enriched Shampoo is the ideal every day shampoo for grooming salons. Les Poochs’ vitamin enriched shampoo is the world’s only luxury shampoo enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and our famous Le Pooch fragrances. Aloe Vera recognized as nature’s premier moisturiser, will soothe and condition your pet’s skin. Deep penetrating vitamins will nourish your dog’s coat from the root of the hair, resulting in a longer lasting, healthier look. This ONE STEP shampoo eliminates the need for a crème rinse in most cases.


  • Luxurious shampoo enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5
  • Leaves a longer lasting healthier look.
  • Female fragrance 
  • For when only the best will do!